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How do you organize your samples & show products?

Howdy everyone!

I am cross posting this question on all the mary kay communities I am part of.

How do you organize your samples and show products?

I know they have those "binders" that you can put samples in...

But I am looking for something a bit cheaper, and more creative.

How do you store/organize your samples & products you use for shows/classes/makeovers?
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I used to be a Mary Kay Consultant and I have a binder that I can sell to you for $10 and whatever shipping and handling is, I think I originally paid over $20 for it. I'm also selling all of my products to get rid of them. I had to leave for personal/family issues, which I'm not proud of because I'm not a quitter, but I had to. If you're interested, you can email me:

Sorry if this isn't allowed.